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Rebuttal - Advanced Electric, LLC.

Rebuttal for Advanced Electric, LLC against The Dallas Observers Article

The Observer started by calling me and extorting money for the workers that were creating these illegal and false claims. They demanded I pay them before she posted (Amy Martyn) that. I explained to her that they were paid and then they added in the comments they were paid but failed to release the lien. Well in all liens the verbiage states parties are "paid in full and fully satisfied” hence the reason we have the recorded documents with the Denton County Clerks office. As I informed her of her illegal actions for my future loss wages, defamation of character, and slander because the facts are that they still signed Federal documents stating their status which later they changed and made other claims as an employees. All the while they were illegitimately signing those documents they went through with more falsified document signing with the state. All this information being known to Aldi,  Workers Defense, I construct and the Observer they still supported these illegal acts therefore engaging in the same illegal activities as an accomplice. The state of Texas deemed the workers as they signed their papers as contract laborers and there for assisted them in trying to get status c change from a senior officer with the State. All the while they already have been paid and fully satisfied.

Well the only people who have lost is your tax payers as this goes on a lot with these criminals and who has to pay for this type of illegal representation? We do the honest worker. that’s how workers defense gets paid from funding for minorities. Aldi has no changes in their stores as they are all built relatively the same and nothing would merit any changes especially of $20,000.00 of bogus charges never on an Aldi store.  As a matter of fact, Aldi and Iconstruct still owe Advanced Electric around $30,000.00 still under liens so why didn’t they pay those because I didn’t waste tax payers dollars to get support from a minority state funded law firm.  I pay my dues out rt.. Why didn’t they pay us if they are willing to pay this minority support group workers defense. Well the answer is they don’t want that racist card being pulled here.  Well folks, I am just as much hispanic and minority certified as these guys are and probably more certified. So all of them must be in cahoots since these attorneys / Aldi and Iconstruct, and all advertisers with the Observer.  They don’t mind committing illegal acts to support their supporters.

Now the icing on the cake not only did these workers steal from me, you the tax payer, but the materials on the job in which they are paying serious dues for in the Town of Roanoke Texas. Get you some of that "everyday hardworking taxpaying citizen”. Not so pretty now is it as these workers are wasting our time and money while getting the support for their illegal acts.

Hopefully justice will be served and we will have to wait for their fate or if they will have time to see a fate as an American any longer because they probably will lose their green card over this. these workers signed a W9 for a 1099 at the end of the year and signed a form that states the clarity of the form and still are getting away with wasting our time and tax dollars. All of them are crooks and justice will prevail. As a company who has seen good times and hard times we intend to never rely on a government handout or bail out to do work in our Precious State and Country. We will fight through thick and thin and will never need to pull some tactic like this after we sign an agreement like they did guaranty we don’t come back saying you owe me more without you knowing before we do the work or just for some ghostly items that aren’t even done.

God Bless America, all you great honest citizens and Texas alike.

Thank you for the great 20 yrs!!!


Dion Islas

Advanced Electric, LLC.